Clubs and Societies Recognition Awards 2019

Written by: Wu Wen Qi

Edited by: Gan Pei Zoe

It’s that time of the year where Sunway’s clubs and societies are appreciated for their hard work and their achievements throughout the year. Yes, Sunway had just organized their very own Clubs and Societies Recognition Awards Ceremony 2019! All of the clubs and societies are joined together and gathered on the 20th of November 2019 in JC 2 hall to celebrate their efforts.

At 6pm sharp, the event kick-started with an opening speech by the emcee, Ivan from the sports council. He shared with all of us his analogy of all the clubs and societies being one big happy family under Sunway where everyone is loved and cared for, no matter where we come from. 

 All in all, we are “Sunwayians”, we always help those in need.

With that said, Miss Lee Siok Ping, the beloved Director of Student LIFE Sunway Education Group was invited up on stage to give us her opening speech. She began her speech by explaining what the event meant. To her, the event was like a harvest day where we the students are able to harvest the fruits of our labor in making Sunway University, the most happening campus, a truly vibrant one.

Miss Lee being proud of her students through her speech

It is said that this year, there are more than 350 events held in said campus which comprised of workshops, trips, tournaments, festive celebrations and many more. She brought the audience down the memory lane where we were reminded of all the events held within campus. Oriental Spring, Riang Raya, Break up exhibition, Friendship week, TedX Sunway Ignited talk, entrepreneur talks, ASymposium and many more. Without the blood, sweat and tears of the students, campus life wouldn’t have been that interesting and enriching for all. Not only were these events held with such a blast, students also had the opportunity to learn and gain valuable knowledge and experience. Miss Lee also congratulated the sports clubs as well as the newly formed ones won multiple tournaments and brought honor to the name of Sunway. 

Here’s a snippet of her inspirational speech: “The fruit of your own labor is the sweetest. Winning in tournaments or organizing successful events is not an overnight task. It is a lot of self-discipline, consistent hard work, immense teamwork, an immeasurable amount of patience and most of all perseverance. That is why I believe that success doesn’t happen by chance or luck. As you strive for success, to be the best, remember that success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. So, enjoy the things that you do and when you have fun, you can achieve greater lengths in life. Most importantly, make mistakes along the way and don’t be afraid of committing them because this is how we grow as human beings.”

To end her speech, Miss Lee thanked everyone for their dedication, time, perseverance, and hard work for partaking in events organized together with student LIFE. 

Later on, the crowd was presented with a video montage of all the events that happened within the year.

After that, the award ceremony began. The ceremony started with Clubs Certificate Giveaway where the clubs’ (either sports or non-sports) effort are shown in black and white.

Sports category
Non-sports category


Later on, it was time for the Outstanding Individual Awards. For this category, the first award was Outstanding Leadership which was to commemorate students for their magnificent leadership skills.


The following award was the Ultimate Team Player award. This award was for students who demonstrated commitment and leadership in supporting roles and has ensured the success of activities, projects and events in clubs and societies.


Furthermore, the Excellent Member Award was bestowed to students who have not held any EXCOs or committee position in the club/society and has made substantial contributions to the club/society.


Proceeding on, the High Rising Star Individual Category represents students who have achieved outstanding performance or results in competitions and brought significant positive image to the club/society and institution.



In addition to the previous award, contributing clubs and societies are also awarded in the name of High Rising Star Team Category.

Sunway University Cheerleading Club, one of the 5 clubs who have won the award

 The corresponding award was the Commitment to Service Award. Students who are holding or have held either EXCOs and committee positions for two consecutive years and above, and have made significant contributions to the development of the club/ society are awarded such an honor.



After all those awards, the most anticipated award was the Outstanding Club Awards where every club and society, non-sport and sport compete to be the best of the best. To start off, the Uprising Club Award is given to newly-formed clubs, non-sport and sport, which have proven themselves greatly throughout the year.

Non-sports category
Sports category


Additionally, clubs that have demonstrated significant development and achievement in club organization, participation, managing finances, club promotions, club development, competitive and non-competitive achievements and community engagement are awarded the title Outstanding Club of the Year 2019.



Lastly, the club advisors and coaches were not forgotten as their efforts are just as significant as the students. They are appreciated as they have served for 3 years and more.

Mr. Lawrence Welch has been working for Sunway for 15 years!


Thus the award ceremony came to an end with a group photo session where the smiles of every awardee were captured.





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