Do you know someone born between November 23rd and December 21st? Someone who’s curious, compassionate, and brilliantly wise? If so, you’ve got a Sagittarius on your hands!

Ruled by the planet Jupiter (named after the king of the gods himself!), a Sagittarius knows no bounds. Jupiter represents qualities of growth, healing, and good fortune; to name a few. Sagittariuses might just be the miracle workers of the zodiac. When a Sagittarius promises to get something done, rest assured that they won’t disappoint- they’ll go to great lengths to deliver more than you ever expected of them, giving it their 120% every time.

A widely sought-after trait, specific to Sagittariuses, is their optimism. Sagittariuses are often the ones remaining bright and positive even in the most heated or dreary situations, blessed with the ability to see the silver lining in every mishap. Stuck at home for months and months during a global pandemic with nobody to talk to but your parents and your pet dog? At least you’ll get to finish watching that show you’ve been putting on hold for three years.

As a fire sign, the flame in a Sagittarius’s heart burns for everyone around them. Known for their kindness and generosity, Sagittariuses are always willing to lend a helping hand, be it to a friend of twenty years or a person they just met on the street. Not only that, but their fire seems to extend to physical capabilities as well- Sagittariuses are also known for their seemingly infinite reserves of energy. Do you remember that kid who used to run extra laps around the field during PE for fun? Go see if they’re a Sagittarius. 

On the flip side, Sagittariuses have their own shortcomings as well. Sagittariuses can be impatient, given that they’re usually raring to go under any circumstance. Their over-enthusiasm can put people off, or cause themselves to be kept at arm’s length. Strangers may get easily worn out by a Sagittarius’s constant eagerness.

Sagittariuses may also be overly idealistic as a result of their optimistic nature. This causes them to be overconfident and unreasonable at times, making them careless and open to unnecessary risks. Failure to complete or do well in a certain task may be a critical hit for a Sagittarius, as they expect everything to turn out well regardless of the situation’s severity.

Now that we’ve discussed this zodiac’s personality, let’s dive right into the key aspects of a Sagittarius’ life.

1. Love and Relationships

When it comes to love, Sagittariuses love adventure. They crave that exciting, exhilarating type of love. As they value their freedom above everything else, they’re not the jealous type. However, this makes them incredibly difficult to tie down. Getting a Sagittarius to stay committed is like trying to open a locked door without a key – it’s fruitless. 

With that being said, once you’ve captured the heart of the archer, they will love you fiercely and give you their all. One of the ways a Sagittarius shows their love for you, is by taking you on adventures and exploring the world. As they enjoy outdoor activities, and discovering new cultures and environments, it’ll never be a dull moment with them.

2. Friendship and Family

It’s no trouble for a Sagittarius to form long lasting friendships. As they appreciate different cultures and races, they’re able to make a diverse group of friends, from all walks of life. As they’re considered to be one of the most generous signs out of all the zodiacs, they’re always willing to help their family in times of need. However, if anyone tries to impede on a Sagittarius’ freedom and independence, best believe that the zodiac will cut off that person from their life entirely. 

3. Career and Finance

The archer is an extrovert, as he loves to interact and meet new people. When it comes to selecting a career for a Sagittarius, it’s best to choose one that involves travelling, writing and meeting new people. However, they don’t do too well with dealing with minute details, and may form a big ego when things don’t go their way. Therefore it is best for them to find a job that allows them to have the creative freedom that they so desire. As such, Sagittariuses would make wonderful therapists, philosophers and teachers. 

All in all, Sagittariuses are the life of the party. They make for great company, have a witty sense of humour, and their carefree attitude towards life is refreshing. Ask anyone who knows a Sagittarius, and they’ll tell you the exact same thing. 

By Nabilah Hassan and Deryn Goon 

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