Do you know someone who is so charmingly eccentric and yet so passionately visionary? Odds are that they are an Aquarian! Delving into Aquarius season (January 20-February 18), we will be looking at the special nature of Aquarians, and how their enthralling traits influence their external relationships.

They may have the term aqua in their name, but do not be fooled, Aquarians are actually an air sign. They are represented by the water bearer, a mystical healer who gifts water to life and land, which has been commonly interpreted as gifts of truth and pure intention to mankind.

The Aquarius personality is sometimes seen as an enigma to many people as they do not understand it. However, that can be changed if we just dive a little deeper into the unique traits of what makes up the seemingly mysterious Aquarius personality.

In the eyes of an Aquarius, they see the world as a place of endless possibilities. Despite their shy and quiet nature, they can also be energetic and possess peculiar perspectives. Embodying the essence of rebellion, they are free-spirited beings who tend to deviate from the norm and despise conventionality. While they also have a huge and compassionate heart for helping people, it often only comes with a good dose of wicked sarcasm!

Indeed, Aquarians are individuals who have a natural inclination towards truth and justice. This is why they are such stark defenders of social justice issues and can often be seen at the forefront of social movements. Their progressive nature derives from their non-conformism which drives them to push for change as they are reluctant to settle with whatever that is labelled normal, especially if normal is equated with unfairness.

This willingness to evoke change and make the world a better place is one of the reasons why they are such friendly and sociable people. They sow values of humanism that they firmly believe in into all their relationships.

They are highly social people who feel good having a strong community. They adapt easily to the energy around them and constantly seek to be surrounded by people. However, they also have a deep underlying need to be alone and have personal time away from the crowd in order to reflect and recharge.

Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, a planet that is associated with innovation and technology, which explains their affinity for anything intellectual. They are known as highly intelligent people who often get lost in their reflections regarding matters of interest. This contributes to their image of aloofness as they can get so drawn in within their innermost thoughts that they neglect the people around them.

Besides their intellectual ability and power to form and ponder upon abstract concepts, they also have creative mindsets and take pride in expressing themselves artistically. Thus, when given plenty of their own space, time and freedom, these independent and visionary creatures will thrive in working on their creative, groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas.

They are highly analytical which means that if you want to win a debate with them, you better be prepared with tons of evidence! This goes hand-in-hand with their assertiveness, as they are not easily persuaded against their initial perceptions unless challenged by compelling proof.

1.     Love and Relationships


Aquarians need a partner that can keep up with their interest as well as partake in deep and intellectually stimulating conversations. They usually do not crave short-term or meaningless relationships as they would rather opt for sustainable relationships that are emotionally fulfilling, especially since they take their emotions very seriously.

Deep conversations are definitely the way to their hearts. Once an Aquarian is interested in a person, they will want to know everything about them, from the miniscule and insignificant details to the important and deal-breaking attributes.

Trusting others is not an easy feat for them, causing the need of constant reassurance that they have a sincere mental connection with their partner. They also firmly value freedom in a relationship, making them often slow to fully commit. However, once they are wholly committed, they are earnest, deeply romantic and intense lovers who will love you as best they can. 

Besides that, being in a relationship with an Aquarian will be the furthest depiction of boring. You can expect to be entertained in every facet of your life with their endless pursuit of spice, intellectual mind, genuine love and curiosity about life.

Aquarians are very steadfast in their morals and principles and will not readily sacrifice them just to conform to society or people. Hence, they appreciate this in their partners too. They look for relationships that will align with their own principles and their strong moral compass means that they are quick to determine people who are dishonest about their morals, making them end these sorts of insincere relationships quickly.

Aquarians have a tendency to seem detached from their partners, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect their inner emotions. This detachment should not be mistaken for lack of caring but simply their nature. Sure, they probably won’t reveal how they feel about you verbally, but they will show their affection in a different manner, akin to their originality.

Opening up about themselves and going out of their way to do things for their significant other is the best way that Aquarians show their affection. A grand gesture from an Aquarian is highly probable as they find unpredictability as the peak of romance.

Although the lack of emotional openness may be frustrating for their partners, there is no doubt about an Aquarians’ devotedness once they are in a relationship. Their loyalty to their partners is like no other, as they will focus all their attention on making their relationships work and keeping their significant other happy, even if it means sacrificing time and energy.

2. Friendships and Family

Perhaps because they are an air sign, Aquarians are known to enjoy their freedom and this longing for freedom is not excluded from their friendships. Aquarians’ free-spiritedness allows them to be inspiring friends that encourage others to expand their horizons and they strive to help others discover their limitless selves. 

Similarly to the way that wind blows about in different directions, Aquarians are adaptable people who are quick to help their friends embrace change. This adaptability enables them to have long-lasting friendships as they can commit to their friendships regardless of the changing situations that life creates. 

Despite being a social butterfly and easily getting along with the crowd, they tread rather cautiously when developing close friendships. They do not wear their hearts on their sleeves because they equate intimacy to risking emotional vulnerability. It takes time for them to fully trust and feel connected to someone on an emotional and intellectual level. However, once they have reached that level of connection, they will be able to share a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Being friends with an Aquarian will always be a refreshing experience as they bring a touch of quirkiness and are always down to try something new and unique with you. They are also very caring and protective of the ones they love. Thus, the lucky ones who personally know them will find that Aquarians are willing to go the extra mile, sacrificing themselves and risking everything for those who they cherish.

Connecting with others is no challenge for Aquarians as they are amazing listeners and are capable of drawing people out of their shells, which helps them form many friendships throughout their life. However, the free-spiritedness that Aquarians possess also means that they are strongly independent and must be allowed to live their life according to their own whims. Attempting to constrain an Aquarian’s independence by forming restrictions or imposing things on them will only lead to the loss of their friendship and trust or their notorious coldness.

Aquarians are generally very family-oriented people who are fiercely devoted to the people they love. To them, family does not consist of only blood-ties, it consists of people who they can trust and open up to. Aquarians’ familial devotion would drive them to make sacrifices and they would be willing to lay down their lives for their family if they had to.

Emotional vulnerability is something that Aquarians would definitely steer away from exposing to others, but they have no problem revealing this side of them to family members that they trust. 

The opinionated Aquarian must feel like their voice is heard by their family as intellectual discussions are one of the things that they hold dear to them, making it an essential bonding tool for Aquarians. Silencing an Aquarians’ voice is equivalent to making them feel insignificant which may lead to Aquarians turning away from their family members and rebelling against them.

3. Career and Finance

Aquarians’ love for intellectuality and creativity makes them a perfect fit for careers that allow them to apply their social skills and innovative thinking. Some prospective careers include: mediators, social workers, engineers and project managers. 

The truth is, Aquarians will most likely succeed in work environments that appeal to their humanistic and passionate side. Hence, any career path that allows them to feel a sense of fulfillment in their efforts to help mankind would probably be their ideal job. Furthermore, when they are placed in a working environment that gives them freedom and the opportunity to express and showcase their talents through their unique skills and imaginative abilities, they will be able to prosper and achieve remarkable success.

Generally speaking, Aquarians work well in a team although their independent nature may make them prefer to work alone. When assigned with a task, Aquarians take their job seriously and can be trusted to get the job done no matter what. 

If something seems to go wrong, there’s no need to worry if there’s an Aquarian around! Aquarians are gifted in problem-solving and will most likely find the most innovative and practical solution to your problem so that the work gets done.

Aquarians do not view money as the most important thing, but rather as a means to fulfill needs. Rather than focusing on how much money they can make, they place more emphasis and importance on pursuing their worthwhile causes. They also have a talent in maintaining a balance between spending and saving money. In terms of financial habits, Aquarians tend to focus a lot on saving and long-term planning. They are thrifty individuals who would rather invest their savings in charities than splurge on frivolous objects. 

An Aquarian’s emphasis on financial security may be driven from a yearning for power but it mainly derives from their collectivistic and humanitarian nature. Aquarians are inherently generous beings that would easily sacrifice materials and donate money to causes that they firmly believe in. 

By: Julia Rosalyn and Lynn Hor

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