Genre: Aromantic Comedy

The pheromones I release,

Your pressure overwhelming,

Divine compliments I receive,

Your priceless cologne; suffocating.

Who am I without one to adore?

Who am I if not owned?

Am I to blame, if these suitors hold no allure,

A servant of romance as society condones.

This feeling you call lust,

Heartache; envy’s friend,

Up my throat, this taste of disgust,

This ‘longing’ I can’t comprehend.

Why do I face no desire for touch?

Where is my dream of prince charming?

The presence of another I feel not a must,

Flirtatious gestures I find alarming.

Your convincing vows of eternal companionship,

It’s a shame they all share a similar fantasy,

Your presence as a singular being; stripped,

Have you not heard, freedom by name is an ecstasy?

To be alone without dreading loneliness is a privilege,

Why add needless woes to a life best led untethered,

My love resides in other bonds I choose to acknowledge,

“Till you meet the one”, a line to which I stay unbothered.

Is it not known that solitude is the greatest luxury?

The need for a partner is a lifestyle so obsolete,

For amongst all desires I crave emotional privacy,

I for one, who chooses to remain as one, am perfectly complete.

By Shay Azman 

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