February. A month where we celebrate Lunar New Year and Valentine’s day. With CMCO still ongoing, there’s only so much we can do. So, we decided to go for Valentine’s theme and invited a few friends to have a couple interview where we asked them relationship questions and they gave honest answers about each other. 

Here’s what the other team has to say about the videos.

“This video was a bit different from the type of videos that I’ve edited before. It was a big challenge but thankfully it turned out just fine. I’m happy with it.” – Emily 

“It was my first time directing a video, it was scary but overall the interview session was alright. I’m satisfied with the outcome of it and I’m glad that I managed to meet new people.” – Leann

“It was fun! It was honestly a challenge. We had to rack our brains thinking of a way on how they could record themselves but overall, I’m happy with the video. We manage to make it despite not meeting up physically at all, I’m proud of my team.” – Philix 

“I was super nervous to be the interviewer of the video, but I’m glad that it went super well, and the couples shared some really wholesome moments in their relationship which I thought was very beautiful.” – Deena

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