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The Winx Saga is a teen drama series based on Nickelodeon’s animated series Winx Club. Winx Club has attracted many young fans since 2004. On 22nd January 2021 “The Winx Saga” released their first episode on Netflix. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series has received an audience score of 75% and 35% on the Tomatometer. These are some reviews on the show:

“Fate is so much different than the colorful Winx from Nickelodeon, but that’s OK. It’s trying to be its own thing and I think it worked!”  – Review from IMDb

“With so many reboots these days, it’s hard to think of many that actually feel warranted, but Fate does that by making the story its own, and updating it for teen and adult viewers.” – Review from Rotten Tomatoes

“I’m extremely sad what they have done. The overall quality of the adaptation is alright, but there is absolutely nothing “Winx” about this show, none at all. The fairies feel nothing like what they originally were. I would not recommend this to any fan of Winx Club unless you want to break your heart and ruin your childhood memories.” – Review from IMDb

Some fans have been bewildered that the cartoon-adapted show has been rated TV-MA (Mature Audience Only). The show has taken a darker turn which includes a display of frequent use of bad language, hookups, sex and use of drugs. On the contrary, some fans complimented the show for being aged-up. The show appeals to the now grown-up audience of Winx Club. Additionally, the show has tried to be creative with its plot, by giving new content for viewers to watch. There were many critiques of the new adaptation Winx has taken, both favorable and unfavorable.

The plot shows the journey of five girls attending Alfea, a magical boarding school in the Otherworld where they learn how to master their powers. In the process, they undergo friendships, rivalries, navigating love, self-acceptance and fighting against the monsters that threaten their very existence. 

Bloom is a fire fairy enrolling in Alfea College. She felt estranged from the Otherworld for she is from First World (Earth). Unlike other students in Alfea College, she has human parents. Bloom struggled with controlling her powers and with no guidance on earth she caused a regrettable event. Thus, becoming constantly anxious and unable to socialise properly developing an independent personality. Fairy magic is linked to emotion, the stronger the emotion the stronger the magic. Unable to control her emotion and use it in her favour Bloom grew wary hence, isolating herself.

In Alfea College Bloom shares a suite with Stella (light fairy), Terra (earth fairy), Aisha (water fairy) and Musa (mind fairy). With the help of her new friends, Bloom begins to uncover more about her twisted past. She gets to know that she is a changeling and her parents in California are not her birth parents. With that knowledge, Bloom becomes set on finding the truth behind her birth. In the midst of finding the truth, Bloom explores her power becoming stronger and stronger by the day.

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Since the beginning of the series, Bloom and Stella had a very strained relationship. Stella is a light fairy. She has the ability to manipulate light and is the sole heir to the Solaria throne. Stella takes great care upon her image and is placed under tremendous pressure by her mother. She appears to be very uptight and focused on the way she is viewed by others. When positive emotions did not help heighten Stella’s power, her mother circumvented negative emotions instead. This caused her power to become erratic and caused her to lose control hurting her friend. Instead of neutralizing the situation, her mother made everyone think Stella did it on purpose to make Stella look strong and in control.

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Upon arriving in the suite Bloom and Aisha clicked easily. Aisha is a water fairy which is the ability to manipulate water. She is referred to as a perfectionist and is the mother figure of the group. She always thinks about her friends and worries about them. She is also a very honest person and is not afraid to go against the majority. She is very self-opinionated and does according to her own beliefs. 

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Terra is an earth fairy. Terra is a new character in The Winx Saga who possesses similar powers as Flora. She and Flora are cousins. Terra is sensitive, sweet, cheerful and friendly. Nonetheless, she and her suitemates don’t get along, especially with her roommate Musa. Despite her cheerful exterior she can be surprisingly confident and brave when the situation calls for it. 

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Musa is a mind fairy. Musa possesses the power to read people’s emotions. Unlike Terra, Musa is rather introverted. So when she and Terra became roommates she had difficulty trying to cope with her new environment. Musa constantly wears her headphones to block out other people’s emotions and focus on her own. She slowly learns how to open up to people and control her powers. Despite her and Terra’s personality differences the two come to have the most sincere friendship in ‘The Winx Saga’.

As we see these girls go through all sorts of drama, conflict and challenges. Their friendship is put to the test and their powers are being pushed to the boundary to prepare for war with the burned ones. They learn more about the dark past of Alfea College and together the five friends use their power to uncover the truth hidden by the teachers in Alfea College. Towards the end of the series, we get a glimpse into the types of conflict awaiting in season two. While that might be the case, the series ends on a premise of a far more promising second season as it ends in what could be the most interesting plot twist. One will have to wait for season two to see if the makers live up to that promise.

Written by: Shanay Low Shi Lynn

Edited by: Wu Wen Qi

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