Echo Buzz: Thunderbold Fully SOLD?

Remember when Muar MP Syed Saddiq went bald on live after meeting his target of raising RM200,000 when he raised RM383,000? This donation was then used for his ‘1 Keluarga 1 Laptop’ campaign to provide laptops to those in need in Muar. This time around, he has been seen promoting his new program, ThunderBold on various social media platforms.

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The hubbub of Malaysian youth politician Syed Saddiq’s newest pursuit gives rise to another bright future of cultivating youths, especially in Malaysia. Previously a star to many for being outspoken, righteous and outrageously unfettered by much media criticism not just from his fellow ministers, the now 28 award-winning debate trainer has launched Thunderbold, his campaign to raise funds to buy Muar children their very own tablets, straight from the funds of Thunderbold participants.

Pro debater Syed Saddiq

Expanding on the value of learning to contribute to society, this donation proves to be an eye-opening way to kickstart the “fight Covid 19” challenge and to overcome the struggles faced by lower-income households unable to finance their very own devices to run zoom, not even through Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF).

Priced at RM 200 per person, this event comprises enriching oratory, writing and debating skills through critical thinking. It’s a relatively short course of 5 hours to be conducted on the weekends. At the end of the course, participants are awarded with a graduation gift that remains a mystery. Following are the details of the course:

  • Date: 20/2, 21/2, 27/2, 28/2 and 6/3
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Language used: English

For more details, pls visit Syed’s website and his socials.




Thunderbold Facebook Event Promotion

Furthermore, Syed Saddiq was seen on Facebook delivering laptops to Muar families to “menyambung pelajaran” or allow them to continue their rightly deserved education.


Syed’s sole belief is to not be dependent on anybody, claiming that the only person he will endear his trust and devote his beliefs around will come straight from his mother from an interview src: 

In his exact words, Syed has proclaimed:

“When you dominate 45 percent of the total votes by the next elections… The youth are the power holders of the country. It’s like a very big chunk of the voter base. Ministers have told me, even if youths vote they will only vote in urban areas. Which is not true, we are not rich. We cannot own a house here. At the end, we will still vote back in our hometowns.”

His own experience has led him to achieve great determination and this event’s launch is one of his many attempts to bring about a change in people’s lives, in Malaysian education and for the loud, the proud and the bold Thunderbolts!

Written by: Twis, Alex

Edited by: Wu Wen Qi

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