by Elycia Lee

National Walk Around Things Days is celebrated annually on 4th April, though not commonly celebrated or known by Malaysians. There is little information regarding this holiday and its origin, but it’s still an interesting day to participate in!

Walk Around Things Day is a day where you avoid problems and risks, by simply walking around the potential risk. There is a saying that if you walk under a ladder, it’s bad luck, so logically, you’d walk around the ladder, right? In the same way, on this day, we walk around objects, especially those that pose certain risks or dangers.



Or perhaps, if there was a muddy puddle in your way, you’d avoid the puddle by taking another route, or walking around it. Figuratively, you could ‘walk around’ certain arguments or uncomfortable situations.

There are those days when you just don’t want to deal with any of your problems, wishing you could just walk them by, and well, here you have a very good of excuse on the 4th of April to avoid anything you don’t want to face or deal with. Or maybe certain people, like if you see someone you have been trying to avoid, take the longer route by walking around the area just to avoid being seen.

However, since this day is open to interpretations, you can take Walk Around Things Day very literally, by literally walking around things. You could organise an event where you and your friends walk around a housing area, or maybe walk around your campus with some college students! It can be a unique and fun way of exercise as well as getting to know each other better.

Another option is to just walk around everything you see – a rubbish bin, a lamp post, your friend, a potted plant, or a chair; but instead of simply walking past them, make a full circle around those objects and perhaps you’ll find yourself getting strange looks from people! Well, who knows, maybe some will come to you and ask you what you’re doing and they’ll join you!

Whatever way you decide to interpret this day, it could be a day of exercising for you or maybe just trying to run away from problems, it may be a day where you learn something, like the simple fact that you can’t really run away from your problems. Take 4th April to avoid all your problems and you might find yourself facing them on 5th April instead. Regardless, whether you avoid problems, dangers, or walk around random objects, Happy Walk Around Things Day, and I hope you’ve read this article till the end and not ‘walk around’ me. Hehe.






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