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Disclaimer: All opinions by interviewees do not reflect Sunway Echo Media’s stance in any form. This is purely a raw insight into a Christian student ministry. 

Calling all Christian students! Remember Sunway SOLIDD? Echo has featured Sunway SOLIDD in 2020 and they’re back!


SOLIDD, which stands for “Serving Our Lord In Dutiful Delight” is a gathering of Christian students who fellowship together and grow as Christians under God’s word. (Non-Christians are welcome to join SOLIDD to find out more about God too!) 

On the 20th of January (Wednesday) at 8 PM, all four SOLIDDs (Sunway SOLIDD, UCSI SOLIDD, TARUC SOLIDD and SOLIDD Online) joined forces for the first time for SOLIDD Welcome Night. It was a great time of fellowship with students from different universities, as everyone shared their experiences in serving God as a university Christian. 

Here’s what went down!  

What is SOLIDD? An Introductory Message 

What is SOLIDD? This was the question that David Kuok, a full-time church staff worker sought to answer in the introduction. 

He started off by explaining the nature of being a university Christian: basically, it’s hard. 

Studies show that students in their final year are prone to growing cold in their faith, especially when they taste the freedom and independence of adulthood. Even those who used to be active in Christian ministry were tempted to leave Christianity after being exposed to various worldviews during university, for example atheism, postmodernism, other religions etc. This was especially the case because said students were not confident in their understanding of Christianity. 

These were some of the questions David has had to wrestle with as a minister who deals with university students regularly. He urged the audience to think about how to equip themselves to face the challenges of being a university Christian. SOLIDD believes that by being part of a vibrant community that not only fellowship and have fun, but who also take God and His kingdom plans seriously, university Christians are equipped for the challenges ahead. 

SOLIDD is one such community. It is only by being rooted in sound doctrine and by actively preaching the gospel that a Christian will not be easily swayed by worldly wisdom, but will instead persevere to the end of his or her life (Ephesians 4:16-20). 

SOLIDD hopes to achieve this by being a platform where university students can ask challenging questions about life and faith, and search the Bible for what God thinks about it all. 

The Bible speaks of Jesus commanding Christians to make disciples

Another big part of being a university Christian is preaching the gospel to friends! SOLIDD is passionate about making disciples AND disciplers – that is, disciples who make disciples. SOLIDD strives to do this through training for both evangelism (reaching out and engaging non-Christians about God) and discipleship (discovering God through the Bible and cultivating real relationships).

Through this, SOLIDD hopes to grow Christians, as solid as Jesus, living out the life He did that is to serve our Lord in dutiful delight

Here’s a snippet of David explaining SOLIDD: 

Games & Songs 

A snippet of the games session:

And a SOLIDD’s cover of the song “Who Would Have Dreamed”!

Find Out More About SOLIDD

Here are their details: 

Details of all four SOLIDDs

To find out more about Sunway SOLIDD, follow them on Instagram here. Join SOLIDD’s discord server here.

Written by: Wu Wen Qi

Edited by: Pei Zoe

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