Sunway Says: Renouncing the Ideals of True Love

The pursuit of achieving true love may have once served as a social and economic function in the time of segregated gender roles, where women had to find true love in order to leave the family home and obtain any element of independence. The ideals of true love resemble domestic bliss, where a man and a woman fit perfectly together and live happily ever after; but subscribing blindly to such idealistic concepts is damaging in this modern society. The emotion of love does exist, however, the misleading ideals of true love should not be the basis of romantic relationships in this era. Hence, believing in such ideals causes negative implications on one’s self-worth. Couples can attain a more positive and equal relationship without subscribing to the idealistic concept of true love. True love is merely a philosophical concept and not an actual goal that we need to achieve in life.

Firstly, when believing in the ideals of true love, individuals are left misconceiving the fact that they do not appear to be good enough to find true love or feel guilty that despite finding someone that they love, their life and relationship are not perfect. Thus, believing in the unrealistic ideals of true love causes people to doubt whether they will ever be good enough to find such true love or whether their current relationship will ever make the cut.

Furthermore, simply abandoning the ideals of true love does not mean that couples cannot obtain a desired relationship. By abandoning the ideals of true love, couples would realise that all romances—no matter how well suited—will not be free from disputes and conflicts. With this knowledge, couples can move forward and overcome their problems instead of ignoring their problems and doubting the validity of their relationship.

The opposition may argue that if societies abandon the ideals of true love, they would be abandoning the most powerful emotion known to man; they would be abandoning the core element of imperfection that makes us human. To a certain extent, this is convincing. However, many claims have been made against the theoretical nature of the ideals of true love, which in essence is impossible to achieve. Ultimately, by recognising that the ideals of true love are a philosophical notion and not to be held as gospel truth, this would further prove the proposition to abandon the ideals of true love. 

To conclude, by renouncing the ideals of true love, societies will realise the negative implications that these ideals have on the mental wellbeing of couples and singletons. Couples can also work towards a healthy and positive relationship instead of doubting the validity of their relationship and comparing them to the frustrating examples that are based on the ideals of true love by discerning its theoretical nature. Through this understanding, people can focus on building more meaningful relationships and appreciating the value of life and love without constraining themselves to the fixated ideals of true love.

By: Kevvel Kaur Tewana

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