May 21st marks the beginning of Gemini Season, the most misunderstood zodiac sign of them all. Gemini Season ushers in the excitement and heat of summer, lasting until June 20th. Gemini is Latin for “the twins,” as its constellation is seen dazzling in the night as two strings of stars tracing down from Castor and Pollux; the twins’ heads. Geminis’ curious nature enables them to explore innovative and creative ventures, making them visionaries in their own right. Geminis are experts at navigating change and transformation, never afraid to try new things or step outside their comfort zone.

Fluid like the air, this air sign is synonymous with spontaneity and adaptability. Apart from that, Gemini is a mutable sign, which denotes the end of a season. Geminis are in constant motion; anticipating change, refusing to remain stagnant and looking forward to new beginnings—much like the air.

Geminis are often presumed as being indecisive, impulsive and unreliable. In fact, the easiest test to single them out in a group is to ask them to decide where to eat. Like the constellation, Geminis can come across as having two heads, and sure have a habit of butting heads with themselves. They are hardcore overthinkers and are capable of being reduced to tears by figments of their astounding imagination.

Fear not, for there is a silver lining. Their impulsive and indecisive nature makes them among the most fun and spontaneous people to be around. Often deemed as social butterflies, Geminis are known to effortlessly attract the attention of many with their magnetic charisma, therefore making them the most entertaining friends. Not to mention, Geminis have an iconic sense of fashion. Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Portman are both Geminis. Enough said, right? For real, though, Geminis dress to impress, and they always understand the assignment.

Despite their internal conflicts, Geminis are intelligent and good at reading others. Geminis can spot a liar from across the room, but might not call them out just for the fun of it. Their strong sense of intuition makes them excellent judges of character, so bring a Gemini friend along the next time you need to suss someone out. Geminis often dig deep to find out the deepest, darkest secrets of others, but let few people (if not none) in on their own secrets.

Geminis are either all in or all out, distant or clingy, confident or insecure. Used right, this trait places them among the most flexible and fluid signs. Geminis need a frequent change of pace and might do a full 180° just to keep things interesting. There’s never a dull moment around a Gemini.

Love and Relationships

Geminis’ desire for change and freedom may interfere with their search for love and relationships. Consequently, they often show a lack of commitment or get bored easily, resulting in many short relationships. This is because Geminis thrive off adventure and intellectual stimulation to remain interested in a relationship. 

Long-term relationships often cause Geminis to experience an indescribable sense of loss; a longing for the kind of groundedness and profound depth of emotion that committed relationships offer. Their inability to commit to a relationship might also be  due to their fear of emotional intimacy, vulnerability and foreign emotions.

Nonetheless, Geminis are flirtatious and can charm your pants off. You might find them chatting up a stranger or being the life of the party. Their knack for adaptability makes them very likable. These curious twins also have a penchant for stretching the truth in stories, which often gets them into trouble. Besides that, their eagerness to keep moving forward makes them excellent partners. Geminis tend to encourage their partners to fulfill their potential and explore creativity. In short, one could say that a Gemini’s appeal lies in their uncertain and forward-thinking behaviour.

However, it is a Gemini’s fickleness which makes them difficult to truly know. Their adaptability and ability to remain detached from others may interfere with their self-awareness, posing serious challenges to their love lives.

Friends and Family

Geminis’ individualistic and non-conformist behaviour tends to hinder the formation of long-lasting friendships or relations. Undoubtedly, these quick-witted individuals are able to draw in lots of friends with their magnetic charisma, but are quick to lose them. It is their flighty personality which prevents them from maintaining friendships. Geminis are quick to engage in conversation but tend to disengage fast when it no longer interests them. Basically, they are more likely to befriend individuals that are able to match their energy or share a similar desire for adventure. Geminis may not be the most reliable friends but they sure know how to have a good time!

In regards to family, Geminis enjoy spending time with their family but are far from becoming homebodies. Their unorthodox choices and compulsive need to be the center of attention at family functions may strain their relationship with certain family members. A Gemini’s love for their family is indisputable but family ties can sometimes be a burden to them. This is because family responsibility would interfere with a Gemini’s desire for spontaneity and adventure. These celestial twins also have a tendency to butt heads with more serious family members that are unable to understand their unconventional desires. It is their dual personality that often causes such disagreement or conflict. 

However, Geminis could also be the very glue that holds a family together, as they value loyalty and good communication. This would often translate into their interactions with their family members, strengthening familial bonds and encouraging them to be more expressive. In a nutshell, a Gemini’s uncertain and detached behaviour could work in their favour if employed well.

Career and Finance

Geminis are often found in careers that involve a great deal of socialising and correspondence. Geminis thrive in jobs that revolve around people and communication, excelling in teams and creative projects. In group settings, Geminis are the glue that bring people together and strengthen bonds. Uncertainties and changes are small obstacles to a Gemini, and are often handled with ease. However, their non-conformist ways may be a problem when working with more stable signs that would not appreciate a Gemini’s adventurous nature. 

Geminis are often at the helm, and might come across as controlling or eccentric due to their unwillingness to take orders from others. Their fickleness would often result in them jumping careers or being unsatisfied with their jobs as they are in constant pursuit of change and adventure.

Ultimately, Geminis are unapologetic, never fail to be themselves, and find excitement in life. Being around a Gemini is a breath of fresh air, and though their fickle nature makes them appear like leaves in the wind, Geminis go all out on the things that truly matter to them. Geminis are natural chameleons and adapt fast to their surroundings. Now, go ask a Gemini friend to pick your next outfit or take you on a crazy adventure, unless you yourself are a Gemini—in which case, that fit is fire.

By: Karran Kumar

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