Interracial Adoption

Why should children have to spend the most vulnerable years of their lives in orphanages simply because no one wants to adopt them purely on the basis of racial differences? Wouldn’t it be nice if a family of a different race could adopt these children? 

Interracial adoption is a sensitive topic due to differences present between various cultural identities. However, it is imperative that this topic provokes thought-provoking discussions among the masses. After all, unconditional love knows no boundaries which goes beyond ethnicity and sees everyone as one human race all worthy of love, care, and respect. Therefore, we should collectively change our mindsets and shatter the stigma that comes with interracial adoption; when we do so, hundreds of thousands of children from around the world would receive the love and support they deserve without the bigotry of race.

Firstly, interracial adoption provides a better life and shortens the matching period for children as they no longer have to wait for a family of the same race to adopt them. Furthermore, in countries like the United States where over 50% of children in orphanages are children of colour, this is further compounded by the fact that most families in the United States who are looking to adopt children mainly target those of Caucasian descent. Thus, this creates a surplus of children who are simply stripped from their right of love and care due to their racial differences. 

These children are then left in orphanages without adequate pastoral care. According to the Juvenile Law Centre, approximately 90% of these very children would end up in the country’s juvenile prisons — an unwanted byproduct of such negligence. Therefore, this vicious cycle could be halted by promoting interracial adoption through methods such as governmental policies, where the adoption of children would be encouraged regardless of race — enabling them to reach their full potential.

Besides, interracial adoption cultivates cultural diversity and prepares children to live in an increasingly globalised world. These children would possess innate qualities such as compassion, empathy and acceptance in regards to other cultures and races due to their unique upbringing which would be supremely beneficial in the long run. When adoptive parents adopt a child other than their own race, they are giving a child and themselves the opportunity to understand and embrace diversity. 

  Lastly, interracial adoption can be used as a strong foundation to gradually change the global society’s mindset and outlook on racial differences. Unfortunately, racism and prejudice are still widespread in our society which creates an environment that discourages interracial adoption. When a family adopts a child, they are making a choice to love and care for the child as the child needs their love and affection. Hence, should interracial adoption be gradually accepted, it can lend a crucial helping hand in redefining the meaning of family with the hopes of transforming our society into a progressive one. 

In drawing things to a close, interracial adoption should be embraced whortheartedly by all facets of society as it gives children in orphanages an opportunity to live in a stable, loving home and enables them to reach their full potential. It also provides an avenue for these children and their families to become more culturally aware in addition to being receptive regarding the idea of embracing diversity and inclusivity. Lastly, interracial adoption is a noble way to break the stigma on race and reinforce the fact that we all belong to one human race. We can all do our part in promoting interracial adoption by raising awareness in addition to showing our support towards interracial families by speaking up against any discrimination that they may face. After all, love does not discriminate and neither should we. 

By: Kevvel Kaur Tewana

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