KL Art Exhibits to Visit During the Mid-Semester Break

If you’re thinking of activities to do during the mid-semester break, why not visit these ongoing art exhibits around Kuala Lumpur? Many of the works in these exhibits are by local talent whose works are Malaysia-centric, allowing you the chance to see Malaysia through the lens of a creative. You can drop by one of these exhibits if you happen to be in the area, or even set aside a day to go art exhibit hopping.

1. ILHAM Gallery 

ILHAM Gallery’s inaugural art show gives Malaysian-based artists a platform, showcasing works that explore a range of themes such as politics, technology and culture. Each of the 31 artists featured at this show were awarded a grant to produce their work, allowing them to try out new, experimental styles that they may not have had the chance to pursue previously. 

At the centre of this exhibition will be Hatat Yut, a work by Kumpulan Ukir Kite’ Kelab Kebudayaan Mah Meri. Also known as the Mah Meri Kite Carving Group. These indigenous wood carvers carve sculptures, masks and more that have earned them a UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts.

When: May 17 to October 23, 2022

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2. Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery

See Bank Negara Malaysia’s permanent art collection which consists of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures that show how Malaysia has progressed. Notable artists whose works are displayed there include Yong Mun Sen, known for his watercolour landscape paintings and Ibrahim Hussein, whose abstract work incorporates printmaking.

If you have the time, tour their five other permanent galleries which will provide you with some insight on the country’s economy over the decades.

When: Ongoing, permanent

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ARTisFAIR aims to deviate from the norm and inspire conversations with their unconventional artwork. In fact, ARTisFAIR’s location itself is already atypical, a rugged open-space in Fahrenheit88 in lieu of a ‘stuffy’ gallery (their words, not ours!).  

Featuring an eclectic mix of rising and established artists, you will see anything from artful abstract lines and blobs to psychedelic creatures. The displayed works are available for sale too, who knows – you may even end up going home with something!

When: Ongoing, permanent

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Ever seen a mall where the units are not just occupied by shops, but by art installations? Well, it’s exactly like this at GMBB, a mall in Bukit Bintang. Pop in to check out some gorgeous art, or shop around for some crafts.

One particularly exciting ongoing exhibit at GMBB is EPISTOLARISTICS, a visual arts exhibition showcasing six indigenous artists and different forms of art such as contemporary art, film, performance and embroidery.

When: Ongoing till June 5, 2022

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Hope you enjoy your visit! 

Written By: Natalie

Edited By: Jamie

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