Echo-pella: Songs To Feel Yourself To

Because sometimes you just need to feel sexy and beautiful.

Welcome to another edition of Echo-pella, readers! It’s now the middle of the year, July 1st. As you reflect on what you’ve done for the past 6 months, how do you feel? Do you feel accomplished? Happy? Or maybe it’s disappointment that you haven’t been yourself as of late? Maybe tough exams or social life has made you feel a bit down. In any case, what you need is a confidence boost. Something that recharges your brain and makes it say “I’m going to succeed”. In other words, you need something that’ll make you feel confident and even sexy.

Describing something as “sexy” doesn’t always refer to sexual appeal, by the way. It can also refer to something very exciting or appealing. And if that’s something that you feel the need to embody at the moment, we’ve got a playlist of songs for you to feel yourself to, whether you need a boost to your self-confidence, and yes, a boost in sexual confidence as well. It’s time to love yourself, people!

6. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan

“I’m every woman, it’s all in me

Anything you want done, baby

I’ll do it naturally”

If you’re big on Whitney Houston, you might be familiar with a song of hers called “I’m Every Woman”. Maybe you’re thinking: “Woah, what a coincidence!”, or maybe you already know where I’m going with this (kudos to the Whitney superfans). The song released by Whitney Houston is a cover of Chaka Khan’s powerful anthem, from her 1978 debut solo album, “Chaka”.

While Whitney’s version was undeniably more successful on music charts, we’re gonna pay homage to the original for today. The soulful voice of the Queen of Funk crosses over with the disco genre to create something truly iconic. “I’m every woman!”, Chaka belts, proclaiming herself and the listeners connecting to her song as versatile, confident, intelligent, skilled, and most importantly, down for some love. This hit helped her album go platinum, and it’s no wonder. The additive rush you get from hearing Chaka Khan sing is truly an experience.

5. Party For One – Carly Rae Jepsen

“If you don’t care about me

I’ll just dance for myself

Back on my beat”

Carly Rae Jepsen, pop-culture icon, known by hits ‘Call Me Maybe’, I Really Like You’, ‘Good Time’ and more, released ‘Dedicated’ in 2019. The album takes the listener through the full ride of falling in love and subsequently out of it, into acceptance with oneself, and it’s truly a shame that CRJ gets reduced to a one-hit-wonder sometimes. Like most of ‘Dedicated’’s other tracks, ‘Party for One’ is a pop song, leaning into the subgenres of synth and dance-pop.

Hailed humorously as a “masturbation anthem” due to the song’s very literal lyrics, ‘Party For One’ is about being alone, learning to pick up your pieces and loving yourself once more. Unlike many other breakup songs, Carly doesn’t lament upon failings or curse out her “beloathed”. Upbeat and catchy, you’ll find yourself ready to take on new beginnings as you celebrate a whole new love – yourself.

4. No Scrubs – TLC

“And I know that he cannot approach me

‘Cause I’m looking like class

and he’s looking like trash”

TLC is one of those 90s groups that isn’t as widely known by today’s generation, which is a shame. Personally, all their songs have that timeless feel that really warrants more recognition. Trendsetters, classics, hall of fame, everything. Backstreet Boys could never serve talent the way TLC did (in Haikal’s humble opinion), and their 1999 classic “No Scrubs” from their album “FanMail” is definitive proof.

It’s hard to describe the subtle, smooth, catchy beats, the lyrics basically telling “those” men in the world to step up to their level, and just the feeling of confidence this song instils in you. This confidence quickly boils over into the ultimate “I’m hot, I’m sexy” kind of song. Basically, this is kind of song you play in your mind when you’re the first person among your 100 or so classmates to pass up the assignment, the song you play when you confidently strut down the Sunway College Brain Forest in trendy clothing, and of course, the song in your head when you shoot down the “annoying” people trying to date you. It’s perfect.

Note: I do not condone bullying, I only condone success.

3. Primadonna – Marina

“Cause I’m a Primadonna girl, yeah

All I ever wanted was the world”

The first single of ‘Electra Heart’, Primadonna’ had to be in this playlist. It’s the indisputable “girlboss” song, and Marina is, in my opinion, the girlboss. ‘Electra Heart’ came out in 2012 and every single song holds up. If you come back to this article years later, it’ll still be true. 

While being called a primadonna doesn’t exactly hold the most positive connotations, these songs aren’t truly meant to be what you should emulate in real life. It’s about the energy, which ‘Primadonna’ brings to the table in spades upon spades. It simply oozes with confidence and the want or need to be adored. The lyrics revolve around Marina believing herself to be the numero uno in the world, or to even be above the world. The primadonna doesn’t make mistakes, needs it all, and deserves it alongside your adoration. This confidence is, of course, highly exaggerated, but it’s just the pick-up I need when faced with a presentation or assessment.

Fake it til’ you make it, right?

2. 7 rings – Ariana Grande

“You like my hair? 

Gee, thanks, just bought it

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”

Ariana Grande honestly struck gold, releasing a song about living the brain-empty, unbothered, rich girl fantasy. In a world where life can hit you from all sides, in my opinion, it’s quite comforting to escape all that and enter a world where you’re rich and unbothered. Sure, you can make the argument that the song is a tiny bit materialistic, but where’s the fun in that! “Songs to feel yourself to” can honestly mean just unlocking some much-needed confidence and a level of “don’t think, just do” energy.

“I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it” makes you feel so smug for some reason. It’s just so intoxicating. It’s a fantasy, and the dream-like beats really contribute to that. Not to mention, despite the song not actually making any mention of sex or feeling sexy, the song just feels so sexy. Lines like “Bought matching diamonds for six of my b******” roll off her tongue and it induces the feeling of wealth, opulence, presence and freedom. It’s so exhilarating when you let the song take you over. It’s delusional music in the best way possible.

1. People I Don’t Like – UPSAHL

“To the people I don’t like

You’re trying too hard”

UPSAHL has been popular with the animation meme community for a while now with ‘People I Don’t Like’ and ‘Drugs’, and for good reason. These catchy songs have a solid, steady rhythm while the lyrics hold just the right amount of edge to be appealing. It’s hard not to grin while soaking fully in the music.

‘People I Don’t Like’ brings with it the vibe of being at a party and hating it. UPSAHL expresses her frustration with the staples of bad parties: getting hit on terribly, pointless small talk, and other niceties. The sound of glass and ice clinking in the background of the chorus may be the only reason anyone stays. It’s the type of song to let off steam while boosting your self-confidence. Of course, there’s no reason to listen to this song only when you’re stuck at a terrible party; fill up on the (metaphorical) liquid courage mentioned in the song, flip off everyone trying to woo you, and shoulder your way through a crowd, a workout, or just…work.

(My personal favourite method of enjoying this song is while ironing laundry, but you’re welcome to do any other mundane chore.)

And with that, we’re done with all 6 songs on the playlist to swagger and strut through a day in the life of a very, very attractive person. We’d like to take this opportunity to reinstate: sexiness, in all of its definitions, is absolutely encouraged. It’s not easy to always feel on top of the world, and we hope that this playlist (linked below) helps you feel well and truly yourself. Go get ‘em, tiger!

Echo-pella: Songs To Feel Yourself To (Spotify Playlist)

By: Haikal and Erika

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