by Reshna

There she was lying among the baby breath flowers, feeling the cool breeze and absorbing the sun’s warm glow. As she lay there she was smiling, thinking how wonderful it was to finally be free from being held prisoner in her own home. She had been planning to run away for so long and never thought that she was capable of leaving the things that were holding her back from exploring the world. And now her wish had come true or so she thought it did…

Summer – named after the season that brings joy to everyone and that was exactly what her parents thought of when naming their first born. Gary and Marian Jones, a couple which were brought together by love had been trying so long to bear a child that they could share their love with and when they did they were beyond grateful to have her. Although Summer grew up smothered by the love given by her parents, there was something peculiar about their daughter that they couldn’t quite put a finger on.

When Summer turned 5, that was when her parents realised that there was something dark and unexplainable within her. Every time their daughter looked at them with her intensely dark eyes it sent cold shivers down their spine. They decided to call Father Morris to help Summer and rid her of the darkness that engulfed her as she grew older. Summer, however, was greatly upset by this and thought only the worst of her parents and she began to wonder if her parents thought of her as the child of the devil!

Father Morris solemnly informed the Jones’ that their child was not only full of evil but that she was greatly disturbed and by the age of 13, she would cause them grievous harm. The Jones’ were so very petrified of this moment happening that they took many precautionary measures to save themselves. Summer did not see it as such and realised that she had to make a run for it. She had decided that at the age of 13, she would be the one running for safety!

Summer was about to turn 13 on January 15th 2008 and the night before her birthday she packed her necessities and “borrowed” money from her father. She knew what had to be done. She had decided that at 12 am on the morning of her birthday she would sneak out of their shabby home in the fields and be free.

As she was sneaked out stealthily from her room, she detoured to her parent’s room to whisper a short sweet goodbye at their door. But they were nowhere to be seen. Summer’s natural instinct was ignited and she began to get wary of her surroundings. She knew she’d have to make a speedy getaway before her fate was sealed. However, when she did, it was too late. Her parents were standing behind her, with a wide smile across their face, gazing at their child adoringly. Their eyes were darker than the night sky and their smile chilling.

For Summer there was no running now. She knew what Father Morris had predicted all this while was wrong. It wasn’t her who was full of darkness and despair but rather her parents. Summer had found an antique box in the attic one night not long ago where her parents kept pictures of other children. Her parents had these children and raised them Now seeing their smile and the evil glint in their eyes, she knew her fate would be no different from that of her other brothers and sisters.

Without a moment’s thought, her father took out a gun and shot her in the heart. As Summer fell to the ground she heard her parents whisper “Happy Birthday, love.” It was not the freedom she longed for but it was as close as she could get. As she lay there smiling, the last shovel of sand was placed atop her limp body. She was now part of the ground and would be next to all her brothers and sisters amongst the baby breath flowers.

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