by Chloe Kong

Disclaimer: I apologize for the lateness but I hope that dear readers enjoyed the campaign as much as I have!

What started out with just a project for PR (Public Relations and Management) and CC (Corporate Communication) students turned into something that is both influential and close to home.  Its awareness have certainly spread throughout the semester. It has also given us the wake up call we certainly need about being sleep deprived.

As students, sleep is something that we tend to forgo in order to complete our assignments or studies (or maybe other leisure activities). For whatever the reason, sleep is often neglected. Hence, the purpose of this campaign is to draw our attentions to this matter and it certainly has.

From the Bubble Sports to the actual campaign, each activity was carefully planned and the crew spent their sleepless nights attempting to deliver their very best to the students of Sunway University. The result was that their hard work certainly did pay off.

With the help from Coleman, the students were able to enjoy and literally relax throughout the campaign. Coleman has sponsored several comfy furniture for the students to kick back and chill~

Prior to the event, there was even a bed placed in the library for students to take a nap! A big thank you shout out to Coleman Malaysia. Besides the napping area in the library, there was also the Pillow Talk, Sleep Quiz and the Snap A Napper Contest for students to participate!

Image credits to Need For Sleep Sunway

The campaign began with its opening ceremony on the 13.6.2016. Packed with the prize-giving ceremony after the speech by our respected guests, there was also an exhibition available for viewing.  Students were able to learn about sleep and what happens if one lacks of it from this exhibition.

And finally, what the public has been waiting for~~ the relaxation/ nap station that was held on the last day of the campaign! The usual lively  Student Hub was turned into a place for taking naps and relaxation~

At the Nap Station, students are allowed to take naps and distress from their daily hectic schedule. Students who entered the nap room not only slept but they also spent time with their peers. It was as thought that they had a sleepover at campus, which was really fun to watch.

(Top 2 Photos by Christopher Liew)

13433064_260820827614965_3047826349422371642_o Picture by the Need For Sleep Sunway Crew

Lastly, a big big thank you for the crew! Without their sleepless sacrifice, we would not be able to experience such a fun and exciting campaign within the campus premises.

The crew (Image by Need For Sleep Sunway)

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