Our Flag of Four Colours

By: Karran Kumar

Merah — Red,

In remembrance of our forefathers’ valour.

Seeking “Merdeka!” for generations ahead,

The Jalur Gemilang bears seven stripes in their honour.

Biru — Blue,

In remembrance of our union.

If our independence is true,

Neither race nor religion should be a division.

Putih — White,

In remembrance of the innocent and pure.

For those lost during the fight,

In pursuit of oppression’s cure.

Kuning — Yellow,

In remembrance of our monarchs and the constitution.

Defend against the dictators our ancestors fought to overthrow,

In the battle to free our beloved nation.

Negara Kita

(Inspired by the Malaysian national anthem, “Negaraku”)

By: Karran Kumar

Our Nation, the land our blood is spilt upon.

Our People, progressive and united as one.

Dear God, bestow blessings upon this land.

Our King let reign, Our Nation let stand.

The Cafeteria Table

By: Karran Kumar

Our Table might not look like much,

In fact, none of us noticed its charm at the time.

Just a bunch of kids gathered for lunch,

No more than a casual regime.

Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, and Chap Fan,

Teh Tarik, Ais Kacang, and Ice Cream.

Just a table for banter and childlike fun,

Dispersed once the prefects scream.

You could hear a blend of three languages,

In a single sentence.

Kids of different races, religions, and ages,

Heck, if that isn’t Independence.

You’ll see photos of that bunch,

And forget that we’re multiracial.

You’ll catch us meeting for lunch,

Just like we did at the Cafeteria Table.

By Karran

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