Let’s rewind the clock to ancient Rome when Valentine’s Day wasn’t all about roses and chocolates but had its origins in February festivities celebrating fertility and the arrival of spring. As centuries passed, this celebration intertwined with Christian traditions, eventually commemorating the martyrdom of St. Valentine.

Moving ahead to the Middle Ages, love took centre stage on Valentine’s Day, bringing in romantic vibes with the exchange of love notes and tokens. By the 18th century, handwritten letters for Valentine’s Day became all the rage, spreading across Europe like wildfire.

Enter the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution, making mass-produced cards a Valentine’s Day essential. This accessibility expanded the expression of love from handwritten notes to printed sentiments and fancy designs.

Come the 20th century, Valentine’s Day became a commercial sensation. Sales of cards, flowers, and chocolates skyrocketed, turning the day into a symbol of expressing affection. Romantic dinners became a common way to celebrate.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a global phenomenon celebrated in various ways worldwide, from traditional gestures to unique expressions of love. The days’ essence remains rooted in celebrating love and affection in all its diverse forms.

And what’s Valentine’s Day without Cupid, the cheeky Roman god of love and desire? Picture this cute, chubby boy with wings, armed with a bow and arrows. Mythology says Cupid’s enchanted arrows have the magical power to make people fall head over heels in love.

The connection between Valentine’s Day and Cupid revolves around expressing affection and love. Cupid’s arrows symbolize the romantic and whimsical nature of falling in love, making his presence felt in art, literature, cards, decorations—you name it. Cupid solidifies that sweet connection between him and the celebration of love on Valentine’s Day.

For many mortals, discovering the ideal sweet gesture for their partner or loved one can be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve secured access to Cupid’s confidential handbook, containing the most enchanting ideas for you to execute for your loved one. Get cozy and hold onto your heart-shaped pillow, because this journey is about to take some lovey-dovey twists and turns.

Also, who says you must have a special someone for Valentine’s? It’s all about being with the ones you love—your friends, family, pets, or even just enjoying some quality time with yourself (because self-love is the most important form of love).

Spending the Day with Your Significant Other

Planning a Meal

  • So, you’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and the pressure’s on to plan the perfect meal for your date. Why not skip the crowded restaurants and go for a more personal touch by cooking at home? Whip up a homemade meal and invite your special someone over for an intimate dining experience. Choose dishes you both enjoy and stick to realistic recipes; the meal doesn’t have to be fancy to be special. But before you dive into the kitchen, make sure you’ve got your game plan. Pick out the recipes, gather all your ingredients, and maybe grab a little extra just in case you hit a culinary snag. For a sweet touch, try a classic heart-shaped dessert like cookies or cake. Get creative with the presentation—cut or arrange other dishes into those classic heart shapes for a whimsical touch. Just steer clear of super messy foods that could kill the romantic vibe or ruin your fancy dinner attire—pasta is a great idea. Serve it all with their favourite beverage. Now, let’s set the mood. Choose a scenic place or the comfort of your home, light some candles, grab some flowers, put on some romantic tunes, and break out your best cutlery and plates. Deck out your space with any decorations that your date might be into to make it aesthetic—it’s all about creating that perfect ambience. It’s the perfect time for both of you to bond and chat.


  • If you’re not feeling like a home chef, no worries. You can still enjoy a delicious meal without the hassle. Consider making a reservation at a restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a five-star joint—pick a place with sentimental value, like where you shared your first kiss. Pro tip: try a lunch reservation or a time outside the typical dinner rush to avoid the crowds. Another option is ordering takeout from your date’s favourite restaurant. Best of both worlds, right? Just be sure to plan ahead, especially since Valentine’s Day tends to make restaurants extra busy. Add your own personal touch to the takeout—maybe ask the restaurant to personalize the order, or throw in a special treat. 
  • How about surprising your date with a little culinary adventure? Dive into the world of their favourite cuisine by scouting out a restaurant, grocery store, or any spot that brings back memories of home, favourite travels, or just downright happy times. Recall what your date has shared about what’s particularly special to them. Then, get creative with where and how you enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner. 
  • For a taste of something new, join a supper club or create your own “food tour” by sampling appetizers, drinks, or other goodies from different restaurants in one night. If the weather’s on your side, take your dinner to a scenic hill or mountain—or any spot that holds significance in your relationship. And here’s a quirky idea: turn dinner into a sensory experience. Grab a blindfold and have your date guess what they’re eating as you feed them bites. After dinner, take a leisurely stroll around town or through the park, giving both of you time to savour each other’s company. It’s all about making Valentine’s Day dinner an unforgettable journey!


Organizing an Activity

  • How about crafting a special outing for Valentine’s Day? Picture this: a movie night, cheering on your favourite team at a sports game, grooving to a concert, or immersing yourselves in a play—something that resonates with your date’s interests. Opt for an activity that’s not part of your usual routine or something your date has been eager to try—cookie decorating, making pottery, painting class, tufting class, or even fighting class. Hunt down event locations for any Valentine’s Day parties, activities, or discounts that could add a special touch. Keep the activities tailored for two to make it an intimate date.
  • If you’re leaning towards a more laid-back vibe, why not bring the date to your place? It’s all about privacy, intimacy, and heaps of fun without burning a hole in your pocket. Revisit the good old days by building a blanket fort, engaging in some board games or video games, and binge-watching a fresh TV series. Grab some comfy blankets, snacks, like popcorn, chips, or candy, and enjoy a relaxing evening by just snuggling up and relishing each other’s company! And in case your outdoor plans get washed out by rain, no sweat—just shift the picnic indoors. Lay out a blanket on the floor, pack some treats in a basket, and you’re good to go. To add a romantic touch, grab some Valentine’s Day sweets like decorated chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries.


  • Inject a bit of thrill with a surprise twist to any activity on your agenda, whether it’s a night out or something more low-key. Cook up a sweet scavenger hunt or a romantic treasure hunt with notes or clues strategically placed for your date to discover. Consider leaving a heartfelt love letter or a romantic note accompanied by chocolates, candles, or flowers to add an extra layer of charm.
  • You can also break away from the usual Valentine’s Day routine and plan a fun, adventurous activity together. Think beyond the typical traditions and figure out something bold and exciting that both of you have always wanted to do. Whether it’s a horror maze, bungee jumping, or even a spontaneous day trip—pack up the car with snacks and make it memorable. 


  • Now, how about exploring new horizons or revisiting a cherished locale? Shake off the routine by venturing out of town and opting for a stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast, or camping in an unexplored spot. It doesn’t have to be a lavish getaway—think about a “staycation” within your city or explore a nearby town you both haven’t had the chance to discover. Take a stroll down memory lane by revisiting where you first met or another romantic spot that holds significance in your relationship. Find a romantic spot nearby and enjoy watching the sunset together.

Deciding on a Gift

  • When you’re on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift, take a moment to dive into your date’s interests and hobbies. Consider their favourite books, movies, TV shows, and bands as you embark on the quest for the perfect gift. Opt for something they’ve been eagerly anticipating or something with sentimental or emotional value. If your date collects certain items, like postcards or stamps, consider adding them to their collection. Infuse a romantic touch by connecting the collectable to a place where you’ve shared a special moment, a kiss, or an inside joke. You could also personalise the gift with your date’s initials, both of your initials or anything else that holds personal significance to your relationship. Think about what your date loves or misses from a specific time or place in your relationship, their childhood, or another cherished moment, and try to recreate a fragment of that sentimental place or time for them.


  • Consider making a card to convey your feelings, set a romantic mood, or simply bring a smile to your date’s face. If you opt for a purchased card, be sure to include a heartfelt personal message inside. For a more personalized touch, try crafting a card using folded paper, markers, pens, and other decorative elements to make it uniquely tailored to your date. You could even create multiple cards and leave them in different places throughout the day, offering a sweet and romantic way to communicate, even when you’re apart.
  • Transform your gift into a delightful activity. It doesn’t have to be a physical object— make it an experience you both share, whether it’s exploring a new place, attending a show, or embarking on an adventure together. Consider gifting your date a class in something they’ve always wanted to learn, like cooking, dancing, or woodworking. They can attend the class solo or join you for a joint experience. Wrap up your date with a scenic view, a serene park or garden, or a spot that holds unique significance for your date or your relationship.


  • For a classic approach, go for flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals—the timeless trifecta of Valentine’s Day gifts. If your date enjoys these traditional gifts, consider personalising them. Choose chocolates or treats they particularly love and accompany them with a sweet note. Ditch the standard floral arrangement and opt for wildflowers from a permitted area, a different type of plant for planting, or even handmade origami or paper flowers. Keep in mind that while many people appreciate personalised gifts, some genuinely enjoy the traditional trio of stuffed animals, flowers, and candy. To avoid guessing, it’s worth asking your date ahead of time what they prefer for the holiday.

Planning Gifts and Surprises For Everyone Who Is Anyone

  • This Valentine’s Day, why not switch things up and craft a homemade card that’s just right for that special someone in your life? Skip the generic store-bought cards and opt for a personalised touch. Grab a piece of sturdy cardstock to create the base, then jazz it up with words and images that express your love in a humorous or poetic way. Extend the love beyond and consider making Valentine’s Day cards for friends and family too! Because, let’s be honest, the holiday is about spreading love to everyone dear to you.
  • For an extra special touch, consider designing a coupon book that goes beyond Valentine’s Day. Create a cute booklet using coloured paper or cardstock, and get creative with doodles or stickers on each page. Fill it with favour tokens that’ll make your loved one laugh and feel truly cherished. Ideas? How about a coupon for a day of pampering, complete with a back massage and a bubble bath? Or let them take charge of movie night with a coupon that says, “Pick a movie, and I’ll handle the popcorn.” You could even whip up a chef’s hat-shaped coupon for a home-cooked meal of their choice.


  • To add an element of surprise, scatter love notes around your home for your significant other to discover. Write sweet messages on colourful cardstock, listing reasons why you love them or recalling special memories. Place these notes in clever spots, like their favourite coffee mug, jacket pocket, or on the TV remote. Just be sure to choose spots or items your loved one uses frequently to ensure they find your heartfelt messages. If you prefer a concentrated dose of love, stick all the notes in one spot, like arranging them in the shape of a heart on their bathroom mirror using pink sticky notes.
  • And, of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. Consider giving your significant other the timeless combo of flowers and chocolate. Grab a bouquet of their favourite flowers or classic red roses to celebrate the occasion. Pair it up with a box of chocolates or other sweets. You can hand-deliver this sweet combo or surprise them by having it delivered to their doorstep. If you’re feeling a bit extra, you can splurge on a special gift, be it a piece of jewellery like a watch, necklace or something more personal, like the latest book or video game they’ve been eyeing. It’s the classic gesture with a personal twist!


Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Friends

  1. How about bringing your pals together for a potluck dinner at your place on the day of love? Just ask each friend to whip up a dish, lay them all out on a long table or counter, and voila—an evening filled with a delightful variety of warm foods and even better company. And if you’re feeling the last-minute vibes, simplify things by ordering some take-out from your favourite joint. It’s the perfect alternative for those spontaneous get-togethers.
  1. Now, let’s ramp up the love by uniting your family and friends with a Valentine’s Day party! Give your favourite people a reason to mix and mingle during the holiday. Spruce up your home with red, pink, and white balloons, throw in some streamers, and scatter cutout hearts around. Set up a table with a mix of sweets and finger foods, and crank up the vibe with some lively tunes.


  1. And to cap off the day, how about a cozy night at home playing games with your closest pals? Just ask each friend to bring their favourite board game, card game, or snack. Spend the evening with laughter, chat with your friends, and dive into a variety of games. From Charades and Pictionary to Cards Against Humanity, there’s a game for everyone! It’s the perfect way to end the day on a fun note.

Celebrating the Holiday Alone

  1. How about treating yourself to a spa day or creating a cozy bubble bath at home this Valentine’s Day? Take this chance to pamper yourself, because let’s be real, life’s hustle can sometimes make us forget to give ourselves some love. Book an appointment at a nearby spa for the ultimate relaxation, or set up a serene atmosphere at home with a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. If the spa isn’t your go-to, pick an activity that feels like a treat. Whether it’s diving into a yoga session you rarely have time for or conquering a mountain trail you’ve been eyeing, find something that lets you unwind.


  1. Feeling the dress-up vibe? Go ahead and glam up, even if you’re spending the day solo. Toss on a crisp button-up shirt or a sleek dress, take a leisurely stroll around town. No need to hide in pajamas if you don’t feel like it. Dress up for yourself, and no one else. Trust me, those fancy clothes will give you a confidence boost that’ll carry you through the rest of the day.
  1. And hey, just because you’re celebrating the holiday solo doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some festive treats. Grab your all-time favourite Valentine’s Day sweets and shamelessly indulge throughout the holiday. Pair those delectable delights with your preferred form of entertainment—whether it’s a good book or a movie—and spend the evening chilling in your comfy pajamas.


Valentine’s Day was like a master weaver, crafting this tapestry of memories. Each thread was a reminder that love isn’t just about the ordinary; it’s about cranking up the spirit. Grand gestures or just shooting the breeze, love always managed to sneak into hearts, leaving its mark like a love graffiti artist. But guess what? Love wasn’t ready to hit the snooze button just yet. The true essence of Valentine’s Day stuck around, reminding us to high-five the people who make our lives awesome.

So, as the Valentine’s rolled in, the world got all warm and fuzzy. The epilogue of Valentine’s Day wasn’t just an ending; it was a promise. A promise of lasting love, connection, and finding beauty in the simplest moments. Because when you strip away the flowers and the chocolates, what’s left? Shared laughter, those “you’re my person” glances, and the real-deal expressions of affection. That’s the secret sauce making Valentine’s Day not just a one-day lovefest but a timeless shout-out to the crazy awesome power of love.

And with that, I have one last question to ask everyone—


Written By: Tisyha

Edited by: Tarini

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