Communication Tips – The 5Cs

By Joel Thum

Communication is the key in any relationship. For a tranquil life with another individual, proper and functional communication is essential and it is the main means to understand the need of the other party. Interpersonal communication is the exchange of information between two or more individuals. Here are some tips on effective interpersonal communication.


When you are the controlling party in the conversation, it does not necessarily mean that you control the person’s thoughts and actions. To be in control, in this context, is to be a cause for communication. Take responsibility for tasks and avoid throwing blames or excuses. Acknowledge that you want to act on something rather than just be told what to do.


It is important to be flexible in your thinking. Although instructions or information transferred from another may seem rigid, it is not impossible to think out of the box and be creative when perceiving a message. Being flexible also means to adapt with various types of communicators. Adaptation in various circumstances helps to reduce conflicts as well as arguments.


While trying to know more about another individual, we tend to be curious. Being curious is perfectly normal and it brings about questions. However we have to be cautious about our level of curiosity. Questions asked should be appropriate in context and in level of relationship. As an example, an employer-employee relationship is different from friendships and thus the questions ask should be different from questions asked to a colleague.

Can Do

In relation to being creative, a can do attitude helps in effective communication. Can do implies your willingness to adapt to the situation needed. You should not be too rigid in your own opinions to the point where it hinders an open communication, but rather, have an open mind to changes and new ideas.


At the end of every communication, we acquire information or knowledge. Being contented helps to build confidence because holding an amount of information brings about significant influential power. Being content also requires the ability to share information with another party, bringing about an effective communication. Being selfish meanwhile would not be as productive as working in a duo or team.

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