Game ON, 2015 Field Launch!

by Sim Wan Yong

Featuring Team Sunway and… Team Sunway.

It is finally here and happening! With the SunGym up and running from the 30th of March and the first FIFA-certified astro turf football field in higher education in Malaysia, it is time to say hello to more sports events and a healthier lifestyle.

The field was officially launched on the 26th of March with friendly matches of football, basketball, tennis and netball between Sunway staff and students. Students kept their eyes on the players clad in blue while the staff cheered for their colleagues in red shirts. During the opening speech by Dr. Lee Weng Keng, he quoted Tan Sri Dato’ Jeffrey Cheah saying, “Get the medical care people on standby,” when the Sunway Education Group founder caught wind of the news that the Sunway staff will be playing, joking about the age of the staff.

Age was never a limiting factor so do not let the age gap fool you. While the student footballers and tennis players managed to score the first point for their games, the Sunway staff managed to get a better head start in basketball and netball! Were you there during the intense matches? As friendly as the matches went, it is undeniable that the games got the spectators on the edge of their seats as both teams tried to score points for their side.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee commented on the field launch saying, “This is all very exciting, having the Sunway community being involved in this friendly match. This field benefits both the staff and students. I find it very appropriate to hold a match between students and staff for the field opening. We’re bonding – the whole Sunway – university, college and staff.”

Furthermore, sports executive, Mr. Mok Chuang Chin, said that the launching of the field would allow space for many sports activities. He also hinted that there are plans to organize more games for the students, one of which will be the Sports Carnival that involves inter-programme matches. It is still in the planning stages, but it is expected to happen in September 2015.

Sports enthusiasts, get your game on!

“I’m here to watch the students kick lecturers’ asses. This is after all, a FIFA-certified football field that they’re having a match on, we just had to see it!”

  • Sharifah Aliah, Foundation in Arts

“I’m here to support the student football team. It’s so exciting and the field’s so pretty. It kind of feels like we’re in a sitcom on its first kick-off episode.”

  • Rishika Lazarus, A-levels

“You feel more like part of the university here at this field launch. Everyone is here. The students, lecturers, security guards, et cetera.”

  • Sasha Lim, BA (Hon) in Communications

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