KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! 2015 – Part 2

by Chloe

Keep Your Head Up Campaign- 4.6.2015 [Day 3]

Day 3 of the event and things had been going well for the team. As it was the final day of the event, the team saved the best for the last. What better way to end a meaningful campaign than with a meet and greet session with three renowned bloggers of Nuffnang? Audrey Ooi, Bobo Stephanie and Careen Tan were invited to share their views and thoughts. As a participant of the Meet-and-Greet Session, I was lucky to have a little chat with them!

[M – Me; A – Audrey; B – Bobo; C – Careen]

M: Is this your first time attending such an event? What do you think about it?

A: Yeah. Initially, I didn’t know about it and I didn’t even know the reason behind it. After attending it, I think that it’s a good initiative to raise awareness about texting while driving as many of us don’t really think of it.

B: Yes. In my opinion, it’s good to bring out the awareness. Those who attended can also be those who are doing it. Hence, people will be more aware of it.

C: No, this isn’t the first time for me because I have spoken of entrepreneurship in KDU before. Personally, I think it’s a good initiative. Driving while texting is a topic that should be addressed as it will be helpful and good to spread the awareness.

M: What’s your opinion towards driving and texting?

A: Those who did it and don’t think about it have no right to get angry. I would feel annoyed about it and all of us shouldn’t do it.

B: It is dangerous. If it’s an emergency, the person would have called instead. Text messages can wait and it will be better than getting into danger.

C: It’s wrong. Mostly, we don’t see it as an offense. For people who’re busy, we tend to think that we can multitask and replying those messages is urgent. But, the truth is that those SMSes can wait and it’s not an excuse to be texting while driving.

M: What made you start blogging/ writing blogs?

A: Since primary school, I loved to write and it always has been something that I like. I started blogging in uni, although the initial purpose for blogging was just to keep in touch.

B: Well, I started blogging in college. To me, blogging is something to keep my life in a diary. I started writing about my lifestyle to writing about fashion.

C: It started off as a hobby before becoming a day-to-day habit. My blogs mostly contain my own feelings and memories. After a while, the readership just increased and more people began to read my blog. Even so, it is still a personal blog.

M: As writers, all of us must have gone through some sort of writers’ block. When that happens, how or where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Usually, I get my inspirations from my thoughts of the day. This also includes the events that happen around me.

B: As for me, interesting topics have been my inspiration. I like travelling and I attend events too. During events, I get to dress up and this has also been part of the inspiration to write my blogs.

C: Sometimes, we tend to have either too many things to write or nothing at all. I often read other blogs to get inspired. It also serves as a reminder of blogging. Hence, I would say that reading is my inspiration.

M: To those who have just started out or who want to be in this field, what would you advise/ tell them?

A: Just do it for the enjoyment and not for the fame or money.

B: Take blogging as an exposure. Furthermore, try to be honest, be passionate about it and just have fun.

C: Blogging is a passion. For example, if you don’t like it then don’t do it. My advice would be to just keep doing it. With passion, you can keep on going and keep it alive.

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