Ways to Stay Healthy during Exams 

By June Ong
Ways to Stay Healthy during Exams
Ok so this is it, the moment we have all been waiting for…I mean dreading. The moment that our lecturers will make us never forget. The moment where our parents’ hard work and sacrifice do not come in vain. The moment that we turn sweat and tears into glory. A single moment in which we redefine ourselves. Alright, I’m not talking about representing our homeland and fighting on the frontlines of the battlefield but it’s close to it. I’m talking about… (Warning: Do Not Cringe nor Flinch) … EXAMS!!!!!
Righty mate, our worst nightmare has arrived and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The only antidote to this horrible, terrible shadow is to forge straight ahead and just go with it. The recipe for success? Nooooo, I’m not here to lecture you about effective study tips or how to write brilliant mind-blowing essays, no, I’m here today to tell you about ways to stay healthy during exams.
1) Balanced diet
We all know this, obviously, but honestly how many of us actually do this? Look at us, exam period = stress eating time. We munch down on Mister Potato, stuff our faces with McDonald’s fries, tingle our taste buds with Jipangi ice-cream or satisfy our inner cravings with bowls and bowls of Kisses chocolates. Ok, I’ll admit it myself too, all these “guilty pleasures” do indeed help us de-stress, put our minds at ease and in fact, most times help us memorise! Yes we all say, “I’ll work out after the exams. What’s the big deal?” but seriously, do you really think all that working out will help burn every single calorie we consumed over that short stressful period of time? Of course not! On the other hand, some of us like to consume an “overdose” of mum’s homemade chicken essence soup, ginseng noodles, remedial herbal tea and etc. They may have their own beneficial effects but do not overdo it. Moderation is the key, or you may suffer severe diarrhoea the next day in the examination hall.
2) Get enough sleep
Nuh-uh folks, “burning the midnight oil” is not a phrase you’re supposed to associate with during exam periods. Not enough time to study and cram all the facts? Well, you should have done it before the exam period. (P.S. I’m not trying to be that cranky old woman who lectures you about early preparations for exams) but honestly, you won’t really input more knowledge into your brain. Even worse, you might even drain yourself so severely both mentally and physically that the next day, you’re not up to your optimum performing level. Now isn’t this a “lose-lose” situation? You do not want to show up with panda eyes at the after-exam bash, do you?
3) Always take 5
Never, I repeat, never overdo anything. Do not sit there and stare at your Chemistry course book for 6 hours straight until you end up looking like a glazed-eyed zombie. Remember to always take a breather in between. Listen to music, read your favourite book, do planking or even just close your eyes…..Anything to help you reconnect to the real world and recharge your brain capacity. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You’ll find that taking resting intervals in-between studies does help you to study more effectively and decreases the strain being placed on your brain and health.
There are many other ways to stay healthy during exams and if you have found one that works best for you, stick with it and do not stray away. Do not make exams a cause for the devil of sickness to come knocking at your door. Who knows? You might even slim down a few pounds and gain a more radiant facial complexion during examination periods. To recap, do not neglect your health just because of exams. Your health is priceless, it is precious and it is gold. Good luck and stay healthy!

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