By Tiffany Hoo
For years and years, scientists have gone through various research and tests to shed light onto an important question that has been plaguing the minds of human beings since days of yore; Does the roller coaster of emotions we experience day to day have an impact on our physical health? Well, the answer to that statement is a big YES! Although emotional outlook may not be a dominant factor in determining our physical health, it is undoubtedly a scientific certainty that it has an important role in maintaining our physical well-being.
The human body is a fascinating creation. It is not merely a bundle of muscles interlaced with millions of nerve endings. We are unique beings capable of emotions to which no scientific fact is able to explain the phenomenon. However, our thoughts, actions and feelings are stimulants which have the capacity to drive the body to respond to it differently.
Have you ever felt a headache, a change in appetite or suffered from high blood pressure without knowing why? Well, these physical signs may be your body indicating that you are experiencing a negative emotion right this second (even if your own brain is not aware of it yet!). For example, you may be suffering from a terrible stomach ache suddenly right before an exam is about to start. This may be due to high stress levels and anxiety causing your body to suffer a physical pain to demonstrate what you are unconsciously feeling in your head. The incident expressed is what scientists across the globe have dubbed ‘The Mind Body Connection’.
Hence, positivity is a key factor if we wish to experience both good health and have positive emotions. Positivity is known to be able to broaden our perspective of the world, which in turn inspires more creativity within ourselves, and create lasting emotional resilience against negative emotions such as depression. Considering how positivity is beneficial to us in terms of faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, better sleep, fewer colds, and a greater sense of overall happiness, it is good of us to practise positivity in our daily lives.
Recent study has shown that in order to offset a pessimistic outlook and achieve good emotional health, we need to embrace three positive emotions for every negative one. These positive emotions literally reverse the physical and detrimental effects of negativity and build up resources that contribute to a flourishing life of positivity.
Therefore, you have to start by expressing yourself in appropriate ways. After all, once you clear your head, good things happen to the rest of you. If negative emotions like stress are causing physical problems, hiding these feeling and repressing them will only make you feel worse. Understand that it is ok to let others know of these emotions, especially to your loved ones, without fear of being rejected by. Even if they are unable to help, letting them know of it will help lift a huge weight of your shoulder and leave you feeling more positive. You may also consider seeking help from a certified doctor or experienced counsellor as well. The most important thing to note is that positivity is a choice that no one else can make but yourself.
In conclusion, it is imperative for us to recognize and identify our thoughts and emotions, and to be aware of the impact they have—not only on each other, but also on our bodies, behavior, and relationships. Understanding these matters will help us in experiencing more positive emotions and good health.

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