The Supernatural Fandom: Signs That You’re Really into It

By: Sim Wan Yong
“Carry on my wayward son,
There’ll be peace when you’re done,
Lay your weary head to rest,
Don’t you cry no more.”
You sang that in your mind, didn’t you?
Hands up, Supernatural fans! It’s October, the month of spooks and horror and of course the only thing that popped up in my mind to write about is the Winchester brothers saving people, hunting things – doing the family business. You would be aware if you’re a fan of this series, yes, but in case you just wanted to make sure, here are some indicators that you are a fan.
Supernatural fans would probably be the ones looking at salt packages and think about hoarding them. I know that I do have a small container of salt somewhere in the fridge in case of, well, demons. Also, in case I want extra salt on my fries.
Come on, be honest. Have you never thought of getting a temporary (maybe even permanent) anti-possession tattoo that the Winchester brothers have on their chests? Okay, maybe not. But what about hiding a transparent-paint devil’s trap at your front door? No? You must have thought of that it once, or perhaps it would strike you as a good idea now.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,” Tell me. Have you ever tried to read along to the exorcism incantations or even remember it? I may not have done that, but I sure knew enough to feel relief when upon the ”AUDI NOS!” part of incantation was finally reached and I see huge amount of black smoke expelled from the vessel. Speaking of black smoke, there was once when I was in campus with another Supernatural fan friend of mine when we saw black smoke coming out of nowhere and we just looked at each other and knew exactly what was on our minds. Demons. Needless to say, we ran.
You might not be a fan or cars, but Supernatural made you look up to the black 1967 Chevy Impala with the license plate KAZ 2Y5 which, did you know (small trivia!), refers to Kansas, the Winchester brothers’ home state and the year the Supernatural series premiered in 2005? You might even have hummed along to the songs that Dean likes although you may not be a fan of rock music.
I’m not that much of a burger person, especially so after that episode in Season 7 about the Leviathans and the blue-goo burgers. I’d much rather enjoy a good slice of pie or even a salad, which as the Leviathans put it, ‘dead plants with creamy goo.’ It’s like eating self-righteousness. Dean referred to salad as ‘rabbit food’. Maybe you’d laugh a little remembering that episode with puddings?
I don’t know about you, but I find it a simple and efficient solution to use a game of scissors-paper-stone to settle disputes. Questions of ‘where to eat’, ‘where to go’ or ‘who is going to talk to that friend in a bad mood’ is made so much easier with this childhood game. It’s something I picked up from this series, aside from the obvious fact of ‘Do NOT ever deal with demons,” and maybe have some silver/ pure iron/ holy water around. Just in case. Also, clowns can kill.
You have and probably still do feel sorry for some of the characters. “I lost my shoe.” Enough said.
There’s one sure sign, however, and that is how we would all agree that the Winchester brothers are precious, as are Bobby, Castiel, Ellen, Jo, Layla … the list goes on and on. Maybe you’d like to add in the comments about some things you learnt from the pizza man?

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