by June Ong
Team Spidey or team Green Goblin?
Easy for you to say.
What about team Joker or team Penguin?
Now that’s a weird decision suspended at bay.
We idolize superheroes; we dress up on Halloween,
We have our birthday cakes decorated with spider webs and red capes;
But if you start dressing up like Mr. Penguin with those demonic fins,
People start to look at you, a socially-awkward ape.
Do you really think that superheroes and villains are different?
Are they really placed on either ends of the moral spectrum?
They say there is a fine line drawn between similarities and differences.
I better hope that is true or else I might throw a tantrum.
I agree that villains love fortune and fame;
While superheroes do it for the sake for avenging their loved ones’ names.
However do you realise they’re both hopeless without their fancy gadgets and superpowers?
Clark Kent can’t afford to fight just as a normal mortal, perhaps he runs away, that little coward.
Spidey feels dejected when he stops producing webs.
In fact, consequently, he spends too much time on the net,
Trying to readjust and wear back the mundane human daily activity hat;
But fails to do so and end up being slightly bad.
When you think about it, you really have to applaud The Joker.
He doesn’t have any superpowers, all he has is that sheer mask of clown-faced poker.
He has a flair for thunderous executions, astounding gasping and awe-struck onlookers.
Maybe that’s how he became The Joker, quitting his day job of being a broker.
Batman has his unlimited fortune, cool gadgets and an awesome bat mobile.
Ironman has Jarvis, the Stark Empire and out-of-this-world (literally) flying suits.
Sadly the truth is, all superheroes have their Achilles’ heel;
And not all villains will be apprehended and be kicked in the boots.
We too can be superheroes or villains in our lives.
It’s our daily decisions that affect the colour of our stripes.
If you choose to focus on the positive and face evil with your head held high,
Congratulations, you are worthy of being a “superhero”, an honour so high.
Similarly, if you choose to knock others down for your own wicked purposes,
Let it be known that sooner or later, you might be cursed.
For evil never triumphs in the end, justice always comes first.
Superheroes and villains,
We carry both these titles everywhere we go in our daily lives.
It’s just a matter of dark versus light.

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