by Elycia Lee
Superheroes; something happens, girl in distress, villain on the loose, and superheroes are there to save the day. But have you ever wondered – what if we didn’t need superheroes to save the day? What if they were humans with superpowers, yet they lived life without being a hero?

  1. A)     If Superheroes Had Part-Time Jobs


Hulk: Help demolish buildings.
Mr Fantastic: Help pick fruits from taller trees.
Invisible Woman: Help magicians con people.
Storm: Work as a farmer and water the crops.
Ironman: Probably could help iron some clothes.
Human Torch: Replace ovens, and roast chicken.
Iceman: Make ice rinks, supply ice for restaurants.
Deadpool: He’d be a pretty good knife throwing assistant.
Spiderman: Make fishing nets, badminton nets and racquets.
Thor: He could use the hammer while working as a blacksmith.
Captain America: Use his shield as a platter while serving food.
Wolverine: Become a landscape gardener and cut hedges into nice shapes.
Cyclops:  Drill holes in walls or in the ground. Can help in renovating houses.
Flash: Pizza delivery! Or any food delivery and maybe even PosLaju. (mail delivery)
The Thing: Work at a construction site or help people while they move houses. Can work together with Hulk too.
Or perhaps, a little fusion between your favourite superheroes and… Pokemon?!

  1. B)      If Superheroes Were Pokemon


Flash: Zapdos.
Hulk: Machoke.
Iceman: Regice.
Hawkgirl: Staraptor.
Spiderman: Spinarak.
The Thing: Hariyama.
Wolverine: Sandslash.
Human Torch: Torchic!
Mr Fantastic: Tentacruel.
Batman: Zubat, obviously.
Ironman: Charmander? Ironmander, haha.
Invisible Woman: Kecleon. (but with Devon Scope, no longer invisible)
So, what are some other superheroes you know that could use their powers to advantage in a job, or what Pokemon are they similar to?

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