Earth Warriors (September 2017)

Written by Hoo Kien Seng


For the fourth time in a row, Great Heart Charity Association (Persatuan Kasih Sejati) in partnership with Sunway Student Volunteers and JKP Zone 2 this year, lead its annual mass street clean up to safeguard the cleanliness of the environment in Bandar Sunway. This communal work embodies the message of protecting our earth today for a better tomorrow. This year, Earth Warriors was held in Klang, Balakong, Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur. Everyone irrespective of culture and background was invited to work together to clean up the streets.

Participants got together as early as 6:30am and performed light exercises in preparation for the clean-up activity. They were divided into four groups – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, each assigned to different routes around Bandar Sunway. Y.B Hannah Yeoh – State Assemblyman N.31 Subang Jaya officialized the event. Also present were Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, Mr. Franky See Swee Choy, President of Great Heart Charity Association, Mr. Yuen Juin Hoe, Vice President of Great Heart Charity Association, Captain Wan Hock Leong, representative from JKP Zon 2 and Wilson Woon, Vice President of Sunway Student Volunteers.

The aim of Earth Warriors is to remind the public to not litter irresponsibly. As participants are given hands-on experience in cleaning up the mess left by others, the impact is more significant. Participants were first briefed on the do’s and don’ts including safety concerns. They were required to place recyclables into the blue plastic bag provided and other general waste into the black plastic bag. The enthusiastic crowd were then sent out according to their designated routes. Participants can be heard cheering “Keep it green, keep it clean!” and “Save our environment, save our world!”. After sweeping the area and picking up rubbish along the way, participants head back to sort out the recycling items together. Recyclables namely aluminium and plastic are then donated to Lonely Disabled Home (LDH), a disabled charity home that sells recyclable items to support people with disabilities.

Overall, the event went well and everyone looked very happy and motivated as they were supporting a good cause by helping the environment. It was nice to see so many committed and dedicated people during the day. This event truly uplifted their spirits and gave them an opportunity to contribute positively to the environment. Many people reported feeling inspired and energized by the event.

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