“Since the theme for August’s video was about “Independence” and Aug 31 was also Malaysia’s Independence Day, I thought to myself why not create a story that is related to our country’s Hari Merdeka? That was where it began. My initial approach was to create a story that was able to bring out element of patriotism with a dash of emotional appeal. So, I immediately thought of several ads made by local brands such as Petronas that is well known in making heart-warming videos not only about family and friends but our Independence Day as well. I started to look up on some YouTube videos to find some inspiration and that is where I found a video made by hurr.tv (Colours: A Merdeka Short Film) where one of the characters mentioned “If we can learn how to hate, we can also learn how to love”. Considering that this year we are affected by global pandemic, I decided to make a video that is dedicated to the front-liners and thank them for their sacrifice. The 2 characters in the film having distinctive personalities is to bring out the conversation of “Even if we are normal citizens, we are all in this together. If Covid-19 is invading our beloved land, we must protect, fight, and claim back what is rightfully ours by staying at home or even at the minimum wear a mask and maintain social distancing.”

Leann, screenwriter and actor

To celebrate Friendship Month along with the rest of Sunway, I proposed the team do a friendship themed video, obviously. I didn’t realize I would also end up being in the video as well. This was probably the first time this team worked with other people for a shoot. Philix had brought his guitar and ukelele as well as the books on the coffee table, insisting on ~aesthetics~ and how he won’t compromise that as the director. We also had a small nightmare editing this video because the editors had logistical issues and we also didn’t realize that Nabilah & Anna’s footage was… unfocused… but the response was great so I guess it all worked out….?

Julia S. , the girl in the thumbnail

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