The month of March means commemorating International women’s day, The Sunway Echo Media’s guys are tasked to guess the feminine products and prices. How confident are the guys and do they know their stuff well? Will the guys be able to prove themselves? Tune in to see the dudes comical and humorous reactions. 

These are the thoughts and comments of the guys from the girls in the video production  team :


For my side, at first I kind of wondered whether they knew any of the products but they surprised me with some of their knowledge regarding some of the female products, but the prices definitely caught them off guard; maybe the internet helped them prepare y’know? Though I believe there are so much more things in the market for women that guys may not know about, so I think there’s always room to learn, explore and understand.


I loved how their confidence was relatively high at first but it started to drop when the prices were shown and I loved everyone’s reaction too.

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