Valour: A Poem Compilation


By: Saoussan 

above, a great beast crawls,

clawed feet dig soft ground,

clay runs red.

below i stare up,

at that lumbering beast,

shuffling, a grey belly presses,

me further into the ground.

a halo of glass unseen- 







nowhere to turn,

face up, fermenting, 

the weight is crushing now.





in another time,

mirrored image- 

my blue fingers would curl,

around the glass,

divide that shadow above,

and i would see the sun.

To The Nothings

By: Julia Rosalyn

Dedicated to the “nothings”, without whom the world would be incomplete.

A step out of haven

And the world drips away

Melts into a mess of regret and waste

Leaving us to search for a saving grace

A twisted seedling ready for bloom

Where amidst the wreckage it may grow.

You step into the wastelands

Where your mind leaks uncollected

And they would make a jester of you

One bespoke of insanity

A weightless speck with no sense

But soon you will gather others

Who like you, are nothings.

And together you grow

Until you find yourself becoming something

Perhaps for some with less meaning

But etched on your faces is a power

That they can never take from you

A power that feeds on your righteousness

And makes you certain that you are here.

So strap your courage to your soul

Lest it leave when you need it most

Find solace in what you once wished would be

And go forth knowing

that in your hands it will become.

Let not your strength waver

Even with the truth that

The feat of nothings will never be cheered upon

But that ovation is not what you seek

A gift reserved for carved out figurines

Nay, in the eyes of the world you are just a nothing

But in the eyes of your heart you must know,

Dear nothings, that you are our everything.

When you pass through that tunnel of living

You will sense all that will come to pass

Your mother donned in grey

Your sisters dining in silence;

Stifling but safe

And you know that you would not come

from whence you began

Never, not once, not for another day.

By: Julia Rosalyn and Saoussan

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