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A Small Insight Into Human Rights

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
–  John F. Kennedy

When was the last time you had to fight for something you were entitled to? It could be every single day of your life – for the last cookie in the batch, for the amount of allowance you get each week. It is almost ingrained into human nature for us to speak up about an issue if we see that things aren’t going our way and if deemed reasonable and negotiations made, those issues could be resolved. However, if I were to rephrase my question slightly, everything might be different: when was the last time you had to fight for a right that you were entitled to as a human being? For many of us, the answer would probably be never. We live in such a privileged society today that we don’t have to struggle with such issues in our daily life but at the same time, we need to be aware that there are many in the world today that do.

SUNPES: Property Economic Series 2 (3 May 2018)

Property Economic Series 2: What’s Next? was the sequel event to Property Economic Series 1, organised by Sunway Property Economic Society (SUNPES). The event took place at JC 2, University Building from 6pm to 10pm on Thursday 3rd May 2018. The event was a two-part talk delivered by Mr Faizul Ridzuan, author of bestseller “WTF, 23 Properties by 30” and Mr Michael Tan, author of number 1 bestseller “How you can be Financially free through Property Investment”. The purpose of the event was to provide students with the awareness and knowledge on how to make money through property investment.

How April Fools’ Day Began

“You’ve been April fooled!”

Yes, it is that time of year again, where this phrase will be reverberantly repeated on one specific day. The first of April, best known as April Fools’ Day, is a day of trickery and amusement where practical jokes and comical pranks are played on people, whether it be parents, friends, teachers, co-workers, you name it. Yet, have you ever wondered how April Fools’ Day came about? How did it become such a worldwide phenomenon that everyone regardless of age looks forward to each year? Here are a few common theories on the origins of April Fools’.